Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm officially..... "at home".... bizarre. Though, I haven't been sleeping well *at all*, so being at home is a blessing. I did go to the Zoo yesterday and play tourist and chat with some coworkers. It was nice to go home for a nap afterwards :)

I had my 38 week appointment today. Everything is fine. I only gained 1 lb since last week, so that's good. It's all baby! Blood pressure is good, baby movement is good, I'm measuring right on schedule (so Bean hasn't had any more growth spurts), and there's no indication Bean's ready to make his appearance any time soon. I opted not to go for the procedure we talked about last week. I did a lot of reading on it, and asked our Doula her opinion. The Dr.'s like to say it's a procedure that will help ensure you don't go OVER term. But such a high percentage of women go in to labour within 48 hours of this procedure, I think it's more of an easy way to induce labour before the estimated due date. So, I opted out. The Dr. looked quizzical and said at this point most women just want the baby out? - It's not that I don't want Bean out, lord knows I DO!, but when he and my body are ready for him to be out. I'm not going to opt for medical procedures "just because" it'll make the Dr.'s life easier. I've found it's difficult to talk to the Dr.'s if I don't do my research - it's easy to be bowled over with them saying "medically, it's for the best" - when a little bit of reading and asking more questions says it's NOT medically for the best, it's easier for their schedule.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shmooshy Cheeks and Pouty Lips

Just click on the thumbnail for video of Bean's shmooshy cheeks and pouty lips.

Random Thoughts at 36 weeks

Car seat installed in both cars - check
Chest of drawers put together in Ben's room - check
Clothes all washed and hung up - check
Baby stuff all put together or in storage - check
Sleep -
Sleep -
Sleep -

Who knew hips could hurt this bad? It's not like they're hurting because Ben's in any special "low" position, either. He's most likely still breech (to be confirmed today), with his feet gnashing at my pelvis. No wonder it's bruised. Ahhhh pregnancy is beautiful. :)

I was walking Bosco yesterday, and heard three times - count 'em - THREE times - "wow, 36 weeks and you're still out walking? Good for you! I don't know how you can do it!" - huh? Why exactly couldn't I? I still have 2 perfectly good legs, they just move slower and at a considerably different angle than they did say, a month ago. I still have an 85 pound dog that needs his walks. Hell *I* still need my walks. I'd go insane if all I was doing was sitting at home twidding my thumbs. Get me outdoors!

However. I will say this. Going for an hour+ long walk has its challenges. Actually, really only one big challenge. I have lots of benches to rest on, Bosco likes my newfound "meander" style of walking rather than the "walk with a purpose" style of walking I had a few short months ago. However, the one big challenge is: pee breaks.

When we go for the long walks, I have to take Bosco to our big off leash park bordering the river. A few hundred acres of off-leash and forested area.

Do you realize how hard it is to squat and pee in the bushes, avoid peeing on your shoes and clothes, AND try to fold baby out of the way at the same time while not falling? All the while trying to rush just in the off chance there's finally another soul walking in the exact same place you are? That's tough!!

Hey, I was a girl guide. I can pee in the bushes. I can pee behind safari trucks in the middle of a herd of Zebra, too. THAT was one of the best days of my life.

The insane one

Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Thoughts at 35 Weeks

I know I've said this a lot, but I can't believe I'm already this far along. It seems like yesterday I was stuffing baby Harley Davidson socks and my pee-test in a box as a present for Trent. And now I'm at 35 weeks??? Wow. Here is a new photo of my progression, from 18-34 weeks. I can't believe I thought I looked so huge at 18w - I look like a house now! I can't even believe the difference from 32 and 34 weeks.

So.... I have to - HAVE TO - get my hospital bag(s) together this weekend so they're ready. We have the car seat, and I want to install that in Trent's car this weekend too - and practice getting it in and out.

Our Birth & Babies classes are going well. We go every Wednesday for 10 weeks and learn everything from pre-natal to post-natal they can shove into 2 hours per week. We've met a lot of great couples, I can't wait to hang out with the other new moms over the next year.

I am done work as of November 17th, so that meas as of today I have 10 work days left. That is totally mind-blowing for me. I'm excited to begin this next chapter of our lives (hell, a whole new novel!), but I'm sad at the same time. I LOVE working at the Zoo. I love seeing the people every day who are as eager and caring and compassionate as I am. I love my new team in Conservation Research, and I would love to return to CR if there is a spot for me in December 2009.

I think the biggest thing I am worried about isn't what kind of mom I'm going to be or doing everything right. It's Trent and my relationship evolving - and the battles that will inevitably ensue over sharing 16 hours of babycare time, cleaning the house, etc. I am scared Trent will think, as most men, that I have nap time all day and watch a lot of TV, so I can clean up after everybody, and he doesn't have to do anything. That's so not going to work with us, I just don't know how to get that point across. It's very important that he pulls his share of the weight - with the house and with baby. Anyway... yes, that's my greatest fear.

Now, my greatest fear with labour? I have no idea. They'll get him out however which way they have to. Bean is still breech (I told the doctor he's like his mom - I can't stand having my feet above my head either!), and if he's still breech by my November 7th, 36 week appointment, we'll get into more discussion about what I can do to try to turn him, or have a c-section. I will be okay with a c-section. Actually, I'm more okay with the idea of a c-section than I am with epidurals in my spine and episiotomies..... *shudder*

I am starting to look into hiring a Doula, or a Doula in Training. We were going to go another route, but I think the Doula would offer a more professional, matter-of-fact kind of attitude that we both need. So we'll see how hiring that person goes, I'll keep you up to date.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of my favourite clothes

...from grandma, uncle Matt, my friend Sheila, Gymboree in Vegas, Sears, and various thrift stores.

Bean's coming home outfit.

Matthew (brother) found "Bean" in a store in Banff. Since that's the poor little dude's nickname, Matt couldn't resist. Sheila (friend) bought the Porcupine "Wanna Hug" in Vegas. Can't wait to see them on :)

Trent hasn't seen this one yet, but I'm sure he'll call it the "indoctrination onesie". I couldn't resist.

I couldn't resist this either. It has puppy dogs on it and teddy bear ears. I swear they make these things so soft just so sappy pregnant women can't say no.

Sleepy duckie. *sighs*

I wonder....

...what kind of person my Bean already is.
...what colour eyes he'll have.
...if he'll look like a chubby little Ukrainian baby like all the others born in our family
...if he'll sleep through the night at a week old like I apparently did (puh-leeeeeeaze say it's genetic....)
...what he'll be interested in.
...what he'll grow up to be.
...what he'll grow up to believe in.

*sighs* I can't believe I *made* someone.......................

It's Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada this weekend. Next Thanksgiving, I'll be a mom. My Bean will be tasting Turkey for the first time. Weird.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

32 weeks!

I'm officially 32 weeks, or 8 months pregnant! That's the confusing part... if you say "8 months", people think I only have 4 weeks left. But we're actually pregnant for 10 months (40 weeks), not 9 months. So, I'll try not to confuse the matter and just tell you in weeks. 32!!

I had an appointment today, and everything is fine. My blood pressure is a little elevated so that's something to watch. Bean is still stretched out sideways, he hasn't decided to go head down yet. Though as mom pointed out, would you want to hang upside down for 8 weeks? Guess not. The Doctor says they usually move around 36 weeks. I hope so, b/c I really don't want to have a c-section.

I gained 2 more pounds, which they were fine with. Yeesh - I'm not going to tell you the total amount I've gained so far because it's nasty. I know, I'm pregnant, I'm supposed to gain weight - but when I was really hoping to stay on the 15 lbs gain, it's quite shocking to be much more than that. I just don't know how it's possible. I don't eat junk, I'm not "eating for two". It's all going to my back and thighs, though, wherever it's coming from.

I'm trying to find a car seat. How horribily difficult would you think that would be? Not difficult? I would have thought so too. We found one we liked and I was going to order it, but thought I'd double check with the manufacturer of the stroller we bought (Valco Baby) to make sure. Sure enough, the carseat we want wouldn't fit. Dammit, I give up! I'm going to Bo Bebe after work today and getting the one they have there, at least I know it will work. I was trying to save some money, but ended up wasting too much time researching seats we can't even use anyway. Oh well. We'll get one eventually and Bean will be all cuddled up in it in no time :)